Remini vs Picma

Remini vs Picma: Find Out which One is Best For You

We all want our pictures to look their best. But sometimes, photos can age and lose their charm. That’s where apps like Remini and Picma come in. They work like magic, promising to breathe new life into your old photos. In this article, “Remini vs Picma,” we will determine which one excels in restoring photos to their best possible condition.

Remini vs Picma: Comparison.

Remini is a photo and video enhancement app that uses machine learning to breathe new life into old and blurry visual content. On the other hand, Picma is also an enhancement app but offers additional features as well. However, it is not capable of enhancing video content.

When it comes to user experience, Remini provides the best possible facilitation, with everything aligned for a clear understanding of the app’s purpose. There is no complexity; it operates in a very simple manner. You just need to upload a photo and tap on “enhance” to generate results. On the other hand, Picma offers more features than Remini, but in terms of user experience, it will still impress you. In this app, you will find each feature organized with before-and-after results, enabling users to comprehend what each specific feature can achieve for you.

Remini can restore, remove noise, and enlarge visual content. Picma can also enhance visual content with its “Enhanced” and “Enhanced Pro” features. Furthermore, it can also restore visual content. So, whether you have an old family photo that’s faded and worn out, or perhaps a cool snapshot that’s a bit blurry, both Remini and Picma can deliver excellent results.

Apart from restoration, Remini can also generate AI avatars and AI images for yourself. To achieve this, you need to upload up to 8 to 12 photos of yourself. In contrast, Picma lacks such an option, but it offers you the ability to transform your picture into a cartoon style. Additionally, you’ll also find a similar feature called “Cartoon Box,” which can turn your character into a lively cartoon character.

Remini can also help you beautify your face, enhance backgrounds, and colorize your images. On the other hand, Picma is only able to colorize images.

Similar to MintAI, Picma can also convert your photo into a painting, whereas Remini lacks this capability. So, if you want to turn your photo into a painting, you can use Picma.

The Picma animate feature can be really enjoyable; it can transform your photos and give them lively expressions. For example, you can apply rolling eyes, wowing, frowning, appreciation, and many more expressions. Additionally, with Picma, you can replace the sky in any of your images. Whether you want to create cartoons, restore your images, or engage in painting work, Picma allows you to directly share on social media and tag them on Instagram. However, when it comes to Remini, no option is available for social sharing.

Remini vs Picma: Result output.

Remini result

Both applications are purposefully designed for enhancement, and they excel in their respective tasks. However, when it comes to evaluating the outcomes, we installed both applications to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Remini delivers satisfying results when enhancing images; nevertheless, it also makes subtle changes in the appearance and smoothens the skin. Additionally, it also intensifies the colors of the image. Aside from these observations, its AI avatar and image results also appear satisfactory.

Picma results

On the other hand, Picma also does a wonderful job with enhancement. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can use “Enhance Pro” to achieve even more crystal-clear outcomes. The results from the “Cartoon Box” and animation features also appear satisfactory. However, when it comes to painting, it disappoints me a little bit because the results do not match up to the standard we find in MintAI. Apart from this, it won’t be able to generate images and avatars, so we can’t judge the app in this regard.

Availability and pricing.

Remini is available on Android, iOS, and the web, allowing users to enhance their photos up to five times every 24 hours, accompanied by advertisements. Remini also offers API services for other businesses to integrate into their products. As for subscriptions, Remini provides weekly, monthly, and yearly options. The free version of Remini does not grant access to all features; a premium subscription is required for full access. There is a slight difference between the web and mobile app versions of Remini; the web app includes an option for batch processing. The Remini app can be used for free, providing watermark-free results, while the Remini web version shares results with a watermark.

On the other hand, Picma also ensures its presence on Android, iOS, and the web. Similar to Remini, it offers API services for integration. Although it’s a premium app, Picma allows users to utilize its features for free. You can use features like “Enhance,” “Restore,” “Cartoon Style,” “Painting,” and more without charge, while watching advertisements. To gain access to pro features such as “Enhance Pro,” “Colorize,” “De-scratch,” and “Sky Box,” a premium subscription is required. Regarding subscriptions, Picma offers lifetime, three-month, and one-month plans. You can get a subscription to unlock fast processing, access to all features, and batch processing. Picma also follows in Remini’s footsteps by displaying a watermark while enhancing visuals using the Picma web version.


Remini vs Picma – your purpose will define which works best for you. If you are solely looking to enhance your content and generate AI avatars and images, Remini is your choice, as Picma lacks options for that. However, if you seek more fun and wish to animate your images, give them a cartoonish appearance, and change the sky in your images, Picma is worth trying. Apart from these differences, all other features are identical in Remini and Picma.

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