Remini vs PhotoTune vs MintAI

Remini vs PhotoTune vs MintAI: Ultimate Comparison

In the ever-evolving world of photography and image enhancement, it is hard to find a compatible tool to fine-tune or improve the resolution of your image. We have three apps – Remini, Phototune, and MintAI – to review and find out the best among them. We will compare their features, user interface, and judge the quality of each application. So, if you wish to find out the best one for yourself, let’s explore Remini vs PhotoTune vs MintAI.

Remini vs PhotoTune vs MintAI: Comparison.

Remini is a photo and video enhancement application that uses artificial intelligence to transform low-quality content into high quality.

On the other hand, Phototune and Mint AI also use artificial intelligence to enhance low quality image content. Both applications don’t offer video enhancement, but they have other features as well.

All three apps are small and users face no complexity in understanding them. All three apps showcase the best user experience and list down all the features precisely. It does not matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced user, you can easily handle these apps. Besides this, Phototune shows many ads while using the application, which may disturb the user experience a little bit. Except for this, everything looks fine.

Remini is perfectly suitable for restoration and enhancement. Whereas Phototune can only enhance the quality of your image, it does not offer restoration. Phototune can enhance your image three times more than Remini and MintAI. It gives options such as Enhance, Enhance Plus, and Enhance Pro. Enhance Plus and Pro will give you more enhanced results than only enhance. When it comes to Mint AI, it provides restoration and enhancement offers to the users.

Remini can enhance the background, work on face beautification, and colorize any image. Contrarily, Phototune does not offer colorization, background enhancement, and face beautification. However, MintAI provides colorized features to bring color even to black and white images.

Remini also offers features to generate AI avatars and AI images of yourself. To generate an AI avatar and image, you need to upload 10 to 12 of your selfie-type photos, and after processing, Remini will generate results for you. Phototune and Mint AI do not have an AI avatar or Image generative option, but MintAI offers Comic style art that gives a slightly cartoonish look to your image.

MintAI offers a paint option to transform any image into a painting. Whether you have a human or animal image, it will change the normal look to a painting. Compared to MintAI, Remini and Phototune do not offer any such tool.

You can’t find a feature that can remove scratches from your black and white image except in MintAI. With MintAI, you can not only enhance your content but also remove scratches from the images. Remini and Phototune do not have a de-scratch tool.

You can overcome the blurriness of the image with Remini and MintAI enhancement tools. But Phototune has a specific feature named “Fix Blur” to fix image blurriness.

Remini vs PhotoTune vs MintAI: Results outcome.

remini results

We have tested all three apps to see the results and track the strengths and weaknesses of these applications. When it comes to Remini, it does a pretty decent job of enhancing images and generating AI images and avatars. The photo enhanced with Remini looks crystal clear when zoomed out; the picture does not lose quality. But the only complaint Remini has is color enhancement. While enhancing images, it also increases the brightness of the images, which does not look good. Other than this, it can restore black and white images, but it is unable to remove scratches from the images.

phototune results

On the other hand, Phototune also shares very satisfactory results, and in case you’re satisfied, you can try Enhance Plus and Enhance Pro. If you’re not familiar with Enhance Plus and Enhance Pro, these are intensity levels of enhancement. For example, if you try Enhance Plus, it will generate a clearer image than simply Enhance. Our only concern regarding this app is that the third option, Enhance Pro, feels too intense. But while enhancing, it does not change the color of the image.

MintAi Results

MintAI also offers additional features, but when it comes to the result of enhancement, it is just up to the mark with everything perfect. It does not add color or smooth the image or add something extra to change the original look of the image. Other than that, its comic style, restore, and paint results are excellent. The only thing that seems unreliable is the colorize feature. As you can see in the picture, we apply colorize to the baby’s black and white image, and it also colorizes the inner mouth section such as teeth. Apart from minor shortcomings, all three apps provide great value to the user according to the price point.

Pricing and availability.

All three applications let users enhance and obtain results while watching advertisements, but Phototune has more ads than the other two, and it may affect the user experience of the app. Remini is available for Android, iOS, and web users, while Phototune also ensures its availability on all three platforms. When it comes to MintAI, it is only available for Android and iOS.

The price range of all three applications varies, and Remini is more expensive than all three apps. Remini offers weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions, while Phototune only offers weekly and yearly subscriptions. Mint AI offers one-month, three-month, and yearly-based subscriptions. The free versions of the three applications are limited and full of advertisements. To gain access to all the features and eliminate advertisements permanently, you need to get the premium subscription. You can also explore the guide: Remini vs Darkroom.


In conclusion, all three applications utilize machine learning to enhance the quality of content. While they all incorporate AI algorithms, they offer distinct features. Phototune has an additional feature called “Fix Blur.” Remini stands out with its AI avatar and AI image features, which are not present in the other applications. Similarly, Phototune offers features like comic style, painting, and scratch repair. If you’re solely focused on enhancing your images, Phototune is a suitable choice. For creating AI avatars and images, Remini is the preferred option. On the other hand, if you’re interested in transforming images into comic style, painting, or removing scratches, MintAI is the way to go. For further reading, you can refer to the guide, “Remini vs PhotoTune vs MintAI.”

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