Remini APK for PC/Windows (07/08/10/11)

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Experience the power of Remini on a larger screen with Remini apk for pc. Remini is an artificial intelligence-based photo and video enhancer app that allows you to transform your low-quality content into high-resolution. It comes with amazing features that can color grade your picture, bring out the finest details, improve the background, and beautify your face. In this article, we will explore how you can download and install the Remini app on a PC or Laptop. Remini is not only available to users on Android and iOS, but it is also available on desktops. So, if you are seeking to use Remini on Windows, make sure to follow the guide.

Main Feature of Remini.

The Remini app comes with two main features that can enhance your photos and video like never before. Let’s explore the features and their details.

Photo Enhancement.

Remini apk for pc

Photo enhancement is the main feature of the Remini app. It allows you to transform your old, blurry, pixelated, distorted, faded, or black-and-white image into high resolution. It also adjusts your image colors and provides different coloring options to choose from. If your image background is blurry or faded, it can also improve that. Moreover, if you like to put some focus on your face, the Remini Face Beautifier can help you. The Remini algorithms can beautify your face and provide you with different versions to choose from. To use the Remini features, you need to upload the image and click on the button “Enhance”. It will take some time to process and provide you with excellent results.

Video Enhancement.

You’ve never experienced video enhancement features in any app that lets you upscale your low-quality video into high definition. Now you can experience this feature in the Remini application. Remini’s video enhancement features have the power to convert your low-quality video into a detailed video. To use these features, you must open the Remini app and click on “Video.” Upload the video, and it will automatically do the magic.

Guidance to use Remini on PC.

Remini does not currently offer a PC version that you can download as software to use on a computer or laptop. However, there is a web version that users can use in the browser. The web version works like a computer and allows you to upload the content from your computer or laptop. To use the web version, you must have a premium subscription.

Despite this, there is a way to use the Remin APK on the PC or Mac. To do this, you need to install a PC emulator on your system and then install the Remini app. There are a few popular and safe emulators that you can use, such as:

  • Bluestick.
  • LDplayer.

These emulators are free and easy to use, and they work perfectly fine on both PC and Mac.

What Are Emulators?

Emulators are computer programs or software that act like another system. They allow you to run software or applications that are designed for different systems. For example, Android applications are designed for mobile users and you can install any application on your Android device. However, if you want to use the same application on the PC, you can use it with the help of a PC emulator. That is why the Remini app is not available for PC users but we can use it with the help of an emulator.

Before we use an emulator on a PC, let’s figure out the requirements:


The minimum requirement to use an emulator may vary, and it depends upon which emulator you want to use. There are different emulators available each with its requirements. However, there is a general requirement which helps you to run any emulator smoothly.

  • 64-bit processor with Windows 7/8/9/11.
  • 4GB minimum RAM.
  • Minimum 10GB Free harddisk space.

Remini app installation method.

  • Download a PC emulator such as BlueStacks or LDPlayer.
  • Install the emulator as you would any other PC software.
  • Once the emulator is installed, open it and allow it to load.
  • Log in to the Play Store with your Google account, just like on your mobile device.
  • On the home screen, find the Play Store app.
  • Open the Play Store app and search for the Remini app.
  • Once you find the Remini app, click on the Install button.
  • Once the Remini app is installed, open it and start using it.

If you want to use the Remini app on your laptop or Mac, you must follow the same steps.

Advantages of using Remini APK on PC.

  • Remini APK for PC enables you to use it on a larger screen. This can help see more details and make more precise edits.
  • Remini APK for PC lets you enjoy the same features as you can use on mobile. This includes the ability to enhance old photos, restore damaged photos, and create beautiful portraits.


  • Emulators are heavy software that require more power to run smoothly. So, if you’re using Remini on a PC with an emulator, you may experience a decline in performance.

Apps like Remini for PC.

There are numerous apps like Remini that you can use on a PC. Some popular ones include:

1. VanceAI Image Enhancer.

Like Remini, VanceAI is also an artificial intelligence tool that offers more features than Remini. Vance AI is available to download and install on your PC. It has more features than Remini, such as upscale image, removing background, noise removal, and many others. However, it is a paid tool and you have to pay more than Remini.

2. Let’s Enhance.

Let’s Enhance is a go-to tool for the business community as it offers different business APIs. Just like Remini, it offers different features such as printing, background removal, enhancer, upscaler, sharper, and AI image generator. However, You cannot use it on a PC-like software. It is a web-based app that lets you enhance your image and save it in their storage. It is a higher pricing tool than Remini and it provides credit to use for image processing.

3. PicWish

PicWish is an excellent tool for Windows, Mac, and mobile. It offers countless features such as photo retouching, photo enhancer, white background, AI art generator, background remover, and many others. It is also a paid tool that gives credit to use while doing any image task. Moreover, it also offers developer API to integrate it anywhere. Compared to the Remini, it is a more expensive tool.

4. AI Image Enlarger.

If you’re a Mac user, then AI Image Enlarger can be a useful tool for you. It offers several tools such as AI image enlarger, AI cartoonizer, AI image sharpener, background and object removal, photo colorizer, and many others. It offers separate apps for different tasks, for example, AI enlarger, AI cartoonizer, Photo AI, and colorizer are different apps available on the App Store, Google Play, and Mac Store.

Frequently Asked Question.

Remini does not offer a PC version. But you can use its web version which works like PC software, and it lets you upload your image from the computer and enhance it. Moreover, you can also install it on a PC by using a PC emulator.


Remini apk for pc enables users to enjoy the application on a larger screen. However, the Remini app does not offer an official version for PCs. You can still use it with a PC emulator or access the web version (with a premium subscription). Apart from this, if you’re not comfortable using Remini with an emulator, you can try the different tools listed above. So, if you are ready to upscale your image, try Remini for free.