Remini vs Facetune

Remini vs Facetune: App for Modification and Enhancement

Facetune is a photo modification tool that lets you edit your photos according to your preferences. However, if we compare Facetune to Remini, does it have an AI enhancement feature that can help you enhance photos? Let’s explore Remini vs Facetune to see how both tools can help us reshape visual content.

Remini vs Facetune: Comparison.

Remini is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can help you enhance your photo and video content. It is packed with useful features that can help you improve your visual content and create a variety of avatars. Facetune, on the other hand, is a face-focused editing app that can help you stylize your image the way you want it. It has different features, from AI-powered tools to manual editing tools.

Remini features.

Remini interface
  • It can restore your old, pixelated, and blurry visual content, transforming it into higher resolution and adding clarity.
  • This tool enhances the sharpness of visual content, removes noise, and enlarges your photos, bringing out details that make your images appear crisper and more vibrant.
  • Additionally, it has the capability to convert low-quality video content into higher resolution.
  • With its AI Avatar feature, you can create a personalized avatar. Just upload your close-up photos, and based on these, it will generate avatars.
  • If avatars become interesting, you can also use an AI image feature to generate variations of yourself by following the same steps.
  • For Photoshop users, Remini can be installed as a plugin.
  • The Remini export option allows you to export your enhanced images in multiple formats.
  • For those who have numerous images for enhancement, the Remini bulk enhancer lets you upload up to 15 images simultaneously. However, this feature is exclusively available for Remini web.
  • Additionally, you have the option to use Remini APIs to integrate the tool with your product.

Facetune Features.

facetune interface and tools

Facetune is a photo and video editing tool that presents a wide array of features to turn your content into a masterpiece.

  • Through its AI enhancement feature, you can improve the quality of any image and control the AI enhancer’s intensity. You’re able to set the scale in percentages such as 70%, 80%, and 100% to apply the AI enhancer. This choice depends on your satisfaction and the desired outcome you seek.
  • With its AI selfies feature, you can Fully transform your selfie photos by applying various selfie effects.
  • Since appearance matters for every face, “Facetune” offers the “Looks” feature to entirely alter your photo’s appearance. In the “Looks” tab, you can discover different face looks and apply the one that resonates most with you.
  • The “Smooth” feature assists you in achieving smooth skin. You can experiment with both auto and manual settings to observe the effects of both. In the “Smooth” tab, you can find additional options like glow, conceal, and matte. “Conceal” helps eliminate dark spots, while “Matte” reduces excessive shine from your image.
  • “Facetune” can also reshape your images. Upload your picture and use the “Reshape” feature to bring about a complete transformation.
  • For changing clothing in your image, “Face On” offers the “Headshop” feature, sharing various outfit images. You can choose the one that appeals to you the most, and upon application, it will give your photo a fresh appearance.
  • You have the ability to apply makeup to your image, whiten teeth, change hairstyles, and experiment with different outfit colors.
  • The “Age” feature lets you change your age with just one click, making yourself appear younger, older, or even as a child.
  • You can paint on your image and change the sky. If you’re dissatisfied with the results, you can do manual editing of your image.
  • Among Facetune’s most remarkable features is “Light Fx,” which empowers you to apply diverse effects and add various flares to your image.
  • Once your editing and modifications are complete, you can directly share your results on social media through Facetune sharing option.

Remini vs Facetune: Result Output.

Remini result

The result comparison makes you realize that AI tools cannot always generate excellent results. When you look at the results achieved with Remini, you will realize that it does a pretty decent job of enhancing images. However, while enhancing the image, it also affects the color of the image. Sometimes, the Remini algorithm struggles to find the details of the image, which is why it cannot provide the best results.

facetune result

On the other hand, Facetune provides the most satisfying results, and it is better than Remini. The reason is its manual control, which enables you to regulate the intensity. When you observe the image enhanced with Facetune, you can point out the differences in each image. The first image has 70 percent intensity, the second one has 90 percent, and the last one has 100 percent. With AI enhancement, it also smoothens the skin in the image. As you increase the intensity, your image becomes smoother. Importantly, its image enhancement feature doesn’t impact the color of any image. Additionally, with image enhancement, you can apply different other tools to edit your image and enhance its quality. You can also explore our guide: Remini vs EnhanceFox.

Availability & pricing.

As far as availability and pricing are concerned, Remini is accessible for iOS, Android, and web users. It’s a paid application, but it also offers the option to enhance five photos per day while watching advertisements. To eliminate ads and unlock all features, you can opt for Remini’s weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription.

Similar to Remini, Facetune ensures its availability on three platforms: Android, iOS, and the web. It’s a paid tool, yet it allows users to use its free version. However, the free version has limitations and doesn’t provide access to the complete set of features. To access all the pro features, you can choose from its monthly, yearly, or one-time subscription. Compared to Remini, it’s an expensive tool, but it offers greater value than Remini’s AI Enhancer.

User Review.

As we track user reviews from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, we’ve noticed that Remini has reached 100 million downloads with a 4.4 out of 5 star rating on the Google Play Store. On the Play Store, it maintains a 4.6 rating. On the other hand, Facetune has gained more than 50 million downloads with a 4.3 star rating. Meanwhile, on the App Store, it holds a 4.6 rating. By analyzing user reviews and ratings, it’s clear that both tools are immensely popular and have received positive feedback from users.


Remini is a tool with its main focus on enhancement, without options for image editing and customization. If your need is solely enhancing images and generating AI avatars and images, Remini could be the ideal choice. However, if your primary goal involves image editing, modification, avatars, and AI tools, then Facetune might be a more suitable option. Both applications offer paid subscriptions available on a monthly or yearly basis. Facetune, although more expensive, provides great value. For further information, you can refer to the guide “Remini vs Facetune” mentioned above.

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